Craftwork – First Published Piece of Fiction

So, my first piece of published work was a short story entitled ‘The Black Bird’ for a charming anthology run by the sadly now defunct Wyvern Publications. I remember being very excited when it got selected for publication. I suspected that royalties would be minor, but at that fledgling time, I didn’t care.


Passage To Celestial Glory – Chapter 19 Extract

I shrank into the pillar. I became a spot of dust on its jet surface, joining a million others in an ever-moving river. They jostled and pushed in a swiftly moving current. Where did I go? Where would the ocean belch me out? I pictured me toppling over the edge of the world in a paper boat. The unknown waited below, full of cloaking spray and suggestive eyes. I would fall…and the world would forget me.


Summons of the Majestic Online Book Launch – 15th December 2016

There are four days until the online book launch for my debut fantasy novel, Summons of the Majestic. I will be answering author questions, nattering, sharing giveaways and introducing guest authors. So to all interested, there is still time to witness the below, come along and share with/invite any and all people you know with an interest in fantasy and the written word. Thank you – and hope to see you there!