Prometheus Review

Watching the opening sequence at the IMAX cinema, with a sprawling waterfall, rocky mountains and a huge alien ship, turning vertically towards the sky, I thought wow…this will be extremely good. Then the scene descends to a bald, muscular (giant-baby looking) alien, and my viewpoint diminishes to…this will be very good.


Proofing and Copy Editing Tips

I thought I would give a few tips on how to go about proofreading work effectively. Nothing too in-depth (or pretentious), just a couple of bullet points to get those of you freelancing, in-housing, editing your own work, editing your granny’s work, editing your dog’s work, etc, more confident in what you are doing.


Game of Thrones: Season 2 Finale Review

After last episode’s epic battle, where the show truly benefitted from being singularly ‘focused’ on one place, the finale spreads its colossal wings back to the other characters, tying up loose ends whilst simultaneously setting things up for Season 3. And a grand job it does too, never lingering too long on one group, but keeping each scene interesting, with very little vain exposition.

Everything races along, concise…and at ease with its own excellence.


Melody’s Room Up For Sale

My first published novella is now up alongside my other shorter works for sale on Amazon!

At present it is going for £1.34 a download, and the file is 3040KB.

More importantly, it’s a stonking good read…just begging to be, well read.

The Melody’s Room page will be up shortly, but in the meantime, a link to the Amazon download is below:

Melody’s Room

Esoteric Musing…Nature’s Allure

Are we all, deep down, yearning – even slightly – to wander in the wilds, to be completely in tune with Nature?

It’s a profound question, and one that’s not easily answered, especially in the modern world where such thoughts are usually dismissed as ‘airy-fairy’ ramblings. But I think it is an intriguing subject, and one I’m happy to give credence to.


Melody’s Room Publication Imminent

Ah, my first published novella, ready at last to be plastered online for all and sundry to see! I’m excited to have something a bit longer be up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Android, etc, especially as I think it is a particularly good read for anyone with an intsy interest in fantasy (shameless plug!).



Hello! My first blog (of hopefully many) on my new website, which has been designed to promote my ever-expanding list of published works, along with my Proofreading Services, and blog.

My blog will undoubtedly be a mish-mash, a diverse wandering of mind, portraying viewpoints, reviews, advice for writers, and general thoughts on any subject that comes bulleting into my head!