Summons of the Majestic Extract 1

There was a pulse of magic, the Sphinx’s teeth flared from bright red to magnificent gold, and Dragma staggered backwards. I felt a ‘tear’ in the atmosphere. The Sphinx was free. But it wasn’t retreating; it was setting itself to pounce. “Master, look out!” I shouted, instinctively throwing myself in its path.


Nature in the Mundane, an Example: My Neighbourhood

I live in a block of flats in southwest London, perilously close to student halls (for St George’s), surrounded by a looming estate, and several other flat-building projects swamp us on either flank – rising like featureless Towers of Babel, bit-by-bit. These housing projects now blot out what used to be a lovely sunset for me and my girlfriend to stare at, on bloody autumn evenings.

So far, so urban, right? Correct. But recently, I have widened my eyes to our ‘neighbourhood’, and, despite the eyesores determined to dominate, there are little things, seen most days, that make me smile.


Grimm Season Review – Fairytale or Nightmare?

A fine wine. A cliché, but apt in the case of this supernatural detective / comedy drama. Yes, it’s a lot of genres to toss at Grimm, but each is relevant to part of the show, and hence, to its charm. The wine analogy relates to its maturity, as the long, 20-plus episode series moved along, it grew better and better, avoiding many trappings that could have blighted the show.


The Book of Unwritten Tales Review

The Book of Unwritten Tales is a PC adventure game, very much in the classic ‘Grim Fandango’ point-and-click mold.

It follows three playable characters, as their destinies intertwine, all set in a lavish fantasy world. So far so generic, right? Well yes and no.