A Writing Update and Author Data Dump!

So, a writing update for those interested in what has been happening, what is currently happening and what will be happening in the future. I shall keep it in bullet point form…as I work with them daily and quite like them! (pedant overload…). This may come out as a bit of a data dump. You have been warned!


Passage To Celestial Glory – Chapter 22 Extract

“Melovi.” I whispered her name and focused on the touch of her long fingers in mine. She had squeezed them. I had not imagined it. Whatever afflicted her, I would drive it out. “Where are you?”

The whispered words did not help location, but I sensed a dim, outside force help guide me through and around the tree. I suspected it might be the ravens.


The Role of the Wood in Horror

There is something about woods and forests that unnerve us. True, they also furnish us with a sense of wonder; and for that reason, I have always found them to be a solid staple to use when writing horror and fantasy.

With my next upcoming fiction release, the wood plays an integral role in the narrative. The book itself is a dark ode to Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree and asks the question ‘what if I found that a collection of trees on my land were in fact a magical realm full of enigmatic faeries?’