So, a writing update for those interested in what has been happening, what is currently happening and what will be happening in the future. I shall keep it in bullet point form…as I work with them daily and quite like them! (pedant overload…). This may come out as a bit of a data dump. You have been warned!

  • December 2016 – My debut fantasy novel Summons of the Majestic (part of the Eight Islands Series) was published by Mirror Matter Press. Hurrah! MM have subsequently remerged with Sinister Grin Press, so Summons was recently reissued with all of the SG logos – nothing different aside from the aesthetics. Summons of the Majestic is available to buy on Kindle and (a rather nice, if I may say so) paperback.
  • April 2017: Finished the manuscript for the sequel to Summons and therefore Book Two of the Eight Island Series. Double hurrah! This took me less time than I thought and I am pleased with the new characters and even darker direction that this novel has taken. It is currently at the publisher, inline for edits.
  • April 2017: Received beta reads back for What Glimmers in the Wood (a dark ode to Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree), my next release and the first in a different fantasy/horror series due to be published this year. Publication date was originally pencilled in for May 2017, but has now been set back provisionally to August. I have completed beta read changes and the novel is back with the publisher for re-edits.
  • May 2017: Started writing the sequel for What Glimmers in the Wood. I am currently working through Chapter 2…no hiccups thus far.
  • I see into the future: Books Three for both series will need to be written for proposed release in 2019.
  • Beyond the beyond: Once the two trilogies are complete…my writing world opens up. I will have my first child to look after, which may take some time away, but I do have a mystery Lovecraftian horror novel which I am three chapters into and which has taken a back seat due to publishing deals. I would certainly like to get back to that.
A Writing Update and Author Data Dump!