An Interview With a Character

So it is time for a new monthly slot – an interview with a character from one of my stories. Just like Santa, they are real, of course, and all answers are steeped in deep, dark meaning (maybe). ‘Enjoy’…

Who are you and what do you do?

Hello, dear one. My name is Melovi and I am a fallen star.

A fallen star? 

Yes. Aeons ago, I fell onto the Eight Islands from space immemorial. I do not recall why. All I remember is the sensation of falling with increasing speed, down through blazing white light. Then nothing for a long while – a void in my memory far darker than the darkest reaches of the cosmos.

I see. So what have you been doing since that dramatic exit from your home?

I have stayed where I dropped.


I must have been spat from serenity for a reason. My habitat suits for me to sit in peace. The One Way Bridge is an ethereal wonder. It faintly reminds me of home – of a different time, where soft circles played freely with hard edges. Awe swims here. Beauty is tinged with danger. That sensation is abundant in space.

Did you lose your power when you fell to earth?

Some of my knowledge manifested and condensed into a book of spells, dear one. It is a fraction of what there is…but it keeps me tethered somewhat to my past.

So what is next for Melovi? Any plans?

Plans are for the hasty and star-spawn are seldom such. I have faith that time will push me one way or the other.

What do you mean?

Well, either the passage of years will bring some event or person my way that will shape a new fate, or time will unlock hazy memories…and I will regain the means to return to the heavens.

Right. Well, either way, I wish you the best. Thank you, Melovi.

The converse has been a pleasure. The thanks are all mine.





An Interview With A Character – Melovi