What Glimmers in the Wood Released in Paperback and Ebook!

So, my new novel ‘What Glimmers in the Wood’ has been released. It is a dark fantasy/horror ode to The Magic Faraway Tree series of books, full of bullied teens, white willow trees, Mandrakes, and perhaps bullied Mandrakes or willowy teens…actually scrap the last two. But yes, for those interested in this labour of esoteric love, please read the synopsis below and check out the Amazon links! Thank you very much.


Locked Doors Lead Underground – Chapter 5 WIP Extract

Jaraflix ignored the question. The restless light in his eyes had settled into a jet, swirling galaxy. A brief, pheromonic scent oozed from his body. His movements grew jerkier; his legs stiffened. But he still dragged Jared unerringly onto a long marble table. Dark patches spotted the stone. A huge notch striped the bottom half – as if an almighty blade had attempted to hack through.


A Writing Update and Author Data Dump!

So, a writing update for those interested in what has been happening, what is currently happening and what will be happening in the future. I shall keep it in bullet point form…as I work with them daily and quite like them! (pedant overload…). This may come out as a bit of a data dump. You have been warned!


Passage To Celestial Glory – Chapter 22 Extract

“Melovi.” I whispered her name and focused on the touch of her long fingers in mine. She had squeezed them. I had not imagined it. Whatever afflicted her, I would drive it out. “Where are you?”

The whispered words did not help location, but I sensed a dim, outside force help guide me through and around the tree. I suspected it might be the ravens.


The Role of the Wood in Horror

There is something about woods and forests that unnerve us. True, they also furnish us with a sense of wonder; and for that reason, I have always found them to be a solid staple to use when writing horror and fantasy.

With my next upcoming fiction release, the wood plays an integral role in the narrative. The book itself is a dark ode to Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree and asks the question ‘what if I found that a collection of trees on my land were in fact a magical realm full of enigmatic faeries?’