Jaraflix ignored the question. The restless light in his eyes had settled into a jet, swirling galaxy. A brief, pheromonic scent oozed from his body. His movements grew jerkier; his legs stiffened. But he still dragged Jared unerringly onto a long marble table. Dark patches spotted the stone. A huge notch striped the bottom half – as if an almighty blade had attempted to hack through.

“Now, now. On we go.” Jaraflix pushed Jared’s body hard against the table. He found four thick rope straps and set about tying his arms and legs. Job done, he tugged them to make sure they were secure. “Excellent.” He straightened and folded his arms. “Hmm…you are going nowhere.” A white spark crackled through his irises. He whistled softly – an instinctual concentration aid. “Should I…should I?”

Jared forced his body to remain still. The restraints had some give, which could mean Jaraflix had grown overconfident. But it could also be to allow Jared room to safely writhe in pain. “Should you what?”

Jaraflix tapped the side of the table and grinned. “The night is still alive for a while. I may display some patience for once.” He cocked his head. “How would you like a torture mate?” Jared paled. “It has been a long time since I exercised my sadism. Torture always works best with two.” He spun away, full of feverish movement. “Yes, I think I will sniff for a second.” He reached the doorway and glanced back. The grin turned lopsided. “Maybe I will luck out and find one of your ‘friends’.” He nodded conspiratorially. “I will be back soon.”

Locked Doors Lead Underground – Chapter 5 WIP Extract