Ah, my first published novella, ready at last to be plastered online for all and sundry to see! I’m excited to have something a bit longer be up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Android, etc, especially as I think it is a particularly good read for anyone with an intsy interest in fantasy (shameless plug!).

Story details will be up on the website once officially published, along with an extract, but the basic premise is below…in lovely bullet form:

  • Young adult fantasy
  • Based around a teenage girl with amnesia, waking up in an eerie white room
  • She meets a man dressed in black,  who proceeds to recite a fairytale to her
  • That fairytale is part of the Epic of Gilgamesh
  • Adventure, fantasy, tragedy and discovery follow (not necessarily in that order)

Short and long of it is…an eerie tale that tries to capture the atmosphere of myth, mixed with a modern girl’s dreamy plight for answers.

Melody’s Room Publication Imminent