My new e-story is available to buy through Amazon. It is entitled ‘The Tiger Swallowtail’. The blurb and links to purchase are below.

A man peruses the butterflies in a museum, when a chance encounter with a Tiger Swallowtail sends him careering back to his childhood, and an eerie tale related to him by his grandfather. He journeys to Canada, the Boreal Forest, and a father-and-son moose hunting expedition that, at a certain point, takes a turn for the weird. The older man is led astray by visions, which the son also experiences, leaving him with visceral recollections of Nature personified – terribly suggestive forms related to myth, the seasons, and a truth too great for the mind to accept. The aftermath is tragic, chilling, and a warning to all who venture too freely – in mind – into the wild.

Genre: Nature / Supernatural

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New Short Story Up For Sale – The Tiger Swallowtail