I shrank into the pillar. I became a spot of dust on its jet surface, joining a million others in an ever-moving river. They jostled and pushed in a swiftly moving current. Where did I go? Where would the ocean belch me out? I pictured me toppling over the edge of the world in a paper boat. The unknown waited below, full of cloaking spray and suggestive eyes. I would fall…and the world would forget me.

“No…not without a fight.”

As I spoke, I felt myself lifting off the pillar, growing in mind and body as I did so. I was no longer a dust mote. The river receded, fading into obscurity as fresh surroundings melted into view. I briefly walked a shining snake upwards. Space surrounded me, but the Darknova path had vanished. It had done its job. The Murk was grounded. The moon could be dismissed.

“Or can it?”

Ground suddenly pushed up my feet. A cool breeze stroked fine hairs on my arms.

I stood on the moon.

Passage To Celestial Glory – Chapter 19 Extract