After all this time, had I just stumbled on a portal to the creator? Did that mean that Paradise lay through the globe? Could I abandon the search for fifty Summons, reach out my hand and touch heaven?

With shaking hand, I moved up to the table. My feet floated, more weightless with every step, but I persevered, driven by desire. The shape in the globe suddenly stopped its aimless, lazy wandering. I froze. Time seemed to stop as I stared at an unknowable thing. Then the form roared towards me.

The force of silent movement shocked me to my core. I staggered backwards. I tripped over my feet as I moved and fell heavily near the crystal door. My head slammed against cold stone; the force rattled my skull, sending the desire to see Paradise scuttling away into the recesses of my mind. I took a moment to clear my head. Pain lanced through my cheek.

When I looked up, all had changed. I glared, confused and scared by the scene that unfolded.

Passage To Celestial Glory – Chapter 20 Extract