I myself have had more success publishing with American publishers, than with UK ones, so thought I would put a short list of the pros and cons for each.

USA Publishers

  • Far more short story publishers around than in the UK.
  • Generally more open to new writers than in the UK.
  • Bigger budgets for royalties/advances.
  • Utilise e-books better than UK publishers.
  • Tend to ‘like’ UK writers’ styles!


UK Publishers

  • If successful, more likely sell more in native country.
  • Have very high standards, so you will know most publishers only take the very best…if you get accepted, you know you rock!
  • Utilise print media very well.
  • More opportunity for marketing – book signings, etc.


Three American-based publishers I have used, which might be worth checking out for all you short fiction writers, are listed below. Click on them for links to their sites.

Pros and Cons of UK vs USA Publishing for New Writers