John wants to turn his life around, and that starts with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. All that’s standing between him and this act is a simple journey on the London Underground. Except that this journey will be anything but simple.

Strange old ladies, apathetic passengers, a nervous Asian man and a deepening sense of unease are all obstacles to overcome, but will John gain redemption and an easy passage? Or, will this train ride lead to somewhere darker, dimmer and altogether horrifying?

A spark of shock flashed through John and he rocked back, unable to believe his eyes at the featureless face staring into his. It was a blank canvas, a smooth, diabolic visage that radiated cold indifference at his predicament, and even its casual stance, hands on hips, was totally ‘wrong’; the pose was imprinted in John’s mind as the train roared into the earth’s bowels, and he wanted to jibber and cower, but instead he retreated, turning his back on the abomination like a child, scrambling back into the adjoining compartment.

Genre: Horror/Supernatural

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