Melody wakes up in a white room, or is she dreaming? A figure appears, sinister, cloaked in black, but she doesn’t know who he is. In fact, she doesn’t remember much at all. She has memory loss, but the figure plans to help her by retelling a story – the myth of Gilgamesh.

And so the two intertwine. Melody gains insight into her family, and the courage to face whatever accident has befallen her, and at the same time she joins Gilgamesh on an epic quest as he journeys to save his friend from an evil king – facing giant scorpions, demons, mermen…and hoary dragons that patrol the edge of the world. Melody’s Room is a haunting, magical tale of loss and bravery, mixing fairytale with myth, and danger with valor.

His words seem directed at me, but I’m not sure why. I open my mouth, but the man holds up the book, cover forward. It’s greenish-brown, with a border covered in strange, triangular shapes and a peculiar plant surrounded by rolling waves in its centre. Above it are two golden scorpions, pincers pointed downwards, and a silhouette of a dragon.

Genre: Fantasy/Weird Fiction

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