Jack finally has a job he can hold down. That’s the plus side. The minus side is that it involves him entering worm-holes, traversing strange solar systems to find rare resources. Not so bad? Not usually, but this time he has entered a realm few have seen.

And it houses the densest object in the cosmos – A Neutron Star.

With only a one-eyed robot as company, can Jack resist the star-remnant’s irresistible pull?

…Or will it send him mad?

‘The Pulsar’s beam washed over him as he spun, mirroring the Neutron Star, twirling in an arc. Heat flowed from it, burrowing through his spacesuit, scorching his back raw in micro-seconds. He screamed, but nothing came out. The only sound was the pop-popping of his tissue, bursting like bubble-wrap from the radiation. Skin disintegrated, muscle dissolved, and blood leaked out into space, coalescing into horrendous, half-alive forms – crimson and leering. He was a cavity, hollowed out like a piece of fruit, and still he spun, edging ever closer to the pulsating star-remnant…and his destruction.’

Genre: Science Fiction/Horror

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