John Greed lived up to his name, so he took up jogging, unaware that his life would drastically change in the coming weeks of sweat and toil. He would meet an inquisitive fox one morning, but what then? Would it run or stay? The answer is opaque, the journey paranormal, but one thing is sure – John will take a pigeon-step towards Nature.

‘The fox bared its teeth – normally a terrifying spectacle, but for some reason John got the impression it was smiling, perhaps saying ‘wouldn’t you like to know.’ Then it sauntered away, heading towards the tall fence leading into the school. For a moment it scrabbled around, sniffing the floor, and then darted under a hole in the fence. There was a distant yelp, followed by silence.’

Genre: Nature/Weird Fiction.

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*Sold around 6000 copies on Amazon Kindle in the year 2011-2012(June to June).*

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