Teepo is an orphan and a boy who can Summon – a Gromancer. The problem is that his master, Dragma, is also a Gromancer. To have two in the same generation is a curse. And when a sacred tree sheds its leaves in their village, the curse deepens and doom is foretold. Teepo has but one option. Exile.

Together with his master, Teepo must venture out into the Eight Islands and follow the ancient Gromancer way. He must search for fifty spirits of elemental, physical and mental mind, in the fool’s hope of gaining a reprieve back to Paradise. But the way is near impossible. Darkness gallops on their heels; forgotten realms unzip themselves into reality; and the Darknova moves across the moon, heralding the return of an ancient evil.

Only with their shared bond can Teepo and Dragma hope to survive the gathering maelstrom. But after a while, as they gather forces around them, Teepo starts to suspect his master has an ulterior – more selfish – motive for collecting the Summons. If true, it could potentially leave Teepo alone as the last Gromancer alive…in a world stricken by chaos.

Dreams leapt around me like snakes, biting, grabbing and unwilling to let me out of their snares. But there loomed a dominant serpent, always there, biding its time, waiting for the right moment to strike – to scatter the rest into memory. And strike it did. It thrust me into a deep, dark abyss that attacked with growling voices, each spinning around my head like noisome whirlwinds. I tried to shut my ears to their hideous din but movement remained impossible. My arms were pinned to my side.

Genre: Fantasy

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