I recently watched the anime film The Case of Hana and Alice. See below for my flash review thoughts:

Plot: 8 – A simple yet interesting tale of two quirky teenage girls who stumble into a friendship whilst investigating an urban legend. It breezes along, helped by the humour and likeableness of the leads, and has a reasonable – albeit abrupt – ending.

Sound: 8 – Pleasant, unobtrusive music that borders on great without ever reaching it. Voice acting is excellent for all characters.

Visuals: 9 – The face animations of the characters is some of the best I have seen in anime. The film veers into art form on occasion, but never to a derivitative level.

Overall: 8.5 – A thoroughly enjoyable and quirky anime film that could easily appeal to Western audiences. The two girls have a great camaraderie and the humour and pathos mix is just right.


The Case of Hana and Alice – Flash Review