The below is the Overview for the RPG framework idea I am currently working on:

The world as you know it is a sham. It is a world of mystical forests, abandoned megaliths, and bustling towns; a world of locked trapdoors dug into the ground, of haunted tulip fields and crumbling ruins. All is diverse; and sitting at the centre of the world floats the colossal City of Glitter, with its golden elevator leading down to the earth. Death and life flow freely and everything has a purpose, a will…a name. The world has a name – it is The Chequered World. But The Chequered World exists spectrally. It exists inside the mind of the Creator. And all within it are bound by the emotions of that conflicted mind.

Danger lurks in every flickering shadow and the only way to revelation is to look upwards – or so the legends say. To enter the City of Glitter is to be nearer to God, but to enter the city, great wealth is needed. Can you amass enough riches? Can your band survive long enough to walk the footsteps of the divine? And what of the mysterious Blood Weeper, who walks among you…and is servant to no-one but chaos?

The Chequered World RPG Overview