Hello! My first blog (of hopefully many) on my new website, which has been designed to promote my ever-expanding list of published works, along with my Proofreading Services, and blog.

My blog will undoubtedly be a mish-mash, a diverse wandering of mind, portraying viewpoints, reviews, advice for writers, and general thoughts on any subject that comes bulleting into my head!

Readers are welcome, yea…greatly encouraged, and I hope my writings will be frequent and of interest. I will try to make every entry as artistic and magical as possible, but be advised that even for literary greats, such as Dickens, Wordsworth and the like…this was a physical impossibility! Therefore, I shall merely be content with coherent rambling, perhaps interspersed with occasional nuggets of gold (or perhaps copper!) for the informed masses to chew on.

Welcome to my website…and I hope you enjoy, and will continue to return!