So, my new novel ‘What Glimmers in the Wood’ has been released. It is a dark fantasy/horror ode to The Magic Faraway Tree series of books, full of bullied teens, white willow trees, Mandrakes, and perhaps bullied Mandrakes or willowy teens…actually scrap the last two. But yes, for those interested in this labour of esoteric love, please read the synopsis below and check out the Amazon links! Thank you very much.

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‘Jared has never set foot in the eerie wood that haunts the edge of his parent’s land. It is small, overgrown, and there is something about it that makes him squirm. However, an argument with his mom leads to a sudden trip inside. There, he loses his phone, hears strange noises, and sees a pair of lemon-shaped eyes.

His world will never be the same again.

Josey has also never been in the wood on her neighbor’s land. But one fateful night, she sees Jared creeping into the trees. She follows. And as she steps beyond a ring of bluebells, everything changes.

The normal melts away.

What Glimmers in the Wood is a dark, contemporary ode to Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree. It is a tale of teenage friendship and tragedy, of domestic abuse and bullying, and of a magical forest that houses three great trees – trees that contain mysteries and lands beyond comprehension. There, Jared and Josey learn about the fickleness of the faerie. They dive deeper into its lore. But what starts as an escape from the harshness of the real world turns into something more sinister. The three magic trees have agendas. And the appearance of humans in their realm heralds a sea of change. All are at risk… Jared and Josey most of all.’

What Glimmers in the Wood Released in Paperback and Ebook!